What’s so cool about the new EASY!Force Trigger?

By September 21, 2017cleaning, pressure washer
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The new EASY!Force trigger for power wash systems introduces an effortless experience for power wash owners. A traditional power washer gun require a large amount of effort and cause sore hands after hours of use, long setup times, accidental starts and a large amount of wear over time. This innovative, comfortable and durable system creates a positive experience for every user.

Top features of the EASY!Force trigger power washer gun:


Ergonomic – The ergonomic feature of this power washer gun is one of its top selling points by eliminating strain on your hands after an extended period of time using a power wash. By using its own recoil force to hold down the trigger once the user starts, the trigger requires very little effort from the user, which means no more sore hands!


Longer Life – The EASY!Force power washer gun valve lasts up to five times longer than trigger guns with conventional valves on a power wash as it features a ceramic ball and sealing seat that resists damage from particles that could cause damage to the valve.


Quick Assembly – The EASY!Lock connection system can be securely connected with a single 360 degree turn, making setup five times faster than traditional systems. This connection is more reliable and longer lasting than a screw connection, not to mention quicker to set up.


Safety Features – The built-in mechanical safety features prevent accidental starts and make for an overall safer experience without effecting the ease-of-use EASY!Force power washer gun


Commercial Pressure Washers are the most efficient approach to any cleaning project. For those in the industrial and commercial sector, power washers are labor saving tools proven to save time and money. They conserve water by adding energy (pressure) to a reduced water flow from a garden hose, and use less of this very precious resource – H2O.



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