15 Ways to Clean Faster, Easier and Better with a Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Need some tips on how to clean faster, easier and better with a hot water pressure washer?

Follow these steps:

  1. Read Hot Water Pressure Washer Safety Manual: Thoroughly read each page within the safety manual, understanding each step and precaution. Each manual is different and may require special preparation, assembly or attachments to perform properly.
  2. Use Proper Safety Protection: Determine the proper safety protections and use before continuing. (protective glasses, gloves, boots, etc.)
  3. Protect Exterior Walls and Doors (if spraying walls): Cover all surrounding walls and doors with plastic sheeting and painter’s tape, leaving all to be washed exposed. This will protect doors and walls from loose debris as well as any accidental paint or stain removal from the hot water pressure washer.
  4. Sweep Surface: Clear debris and dirt from the surface using a broom.
  5. Degrease Surface (if needed): Ensure proper cleaning by spraying the surface with a bottle of spray degreaser, keeping an appropriate distance from the surface as listed on the bottle. Scrub degreaser into surface using a stiff brush or hot water pressure washer attachment tool
  6. Attach Spray Wand Tip for Detergent (if soap is used): Select a tip designated for washing, often labeled “soap.” Then snap into place at the head of the spray wand. Make sure the tip is securely locked into place to avoid injury.
  7. Attach Hoses: Connect the supplied pressure washer hose and wand to the pressure washer. Next, attach a long enough garden hose to the hot water pressure washer’s water supply thread, then turn on water.
  8. Attach Correct Nozzle: Select the pressure you will need for the job and match the nozzle to that pressure. Selecting the wrong nozzle can cause damage to the surface being washed. Make sure the tip is securely locked into place to avoid injury.
  9. Prepare Detergent: Place detergent tube, which is usually supplied with the hot water pressure washer, directly into the detergent container. Once the hot water pressure washer is turned on and started, the tube will immediately bring detergent into the water stream of the spray wand.
  10. Spray Detergent (if needed): Protect hands with safety gloves, and then apply detergent by holding down the spray handle (may differ depending on brand), keeping a consistent distance of 8 to 18 inches from surface. Spray back and forth with control in smooth strokes, overlapping each area to be covered (follow instructions on bottle). Let sprayed detergent sit on the surface for five minutes.
  11. Water Supply: Make sure your water supply can deliver the gallons per minute specified for your hot water pressure washer.
  12. Start Hot Water Pressure Washer: Read Instruction Manual. Either pull the starter cord or press starter button to start the engine.
  13. Pressure-Wash (if concrete or similar surface): Change to correct tip by reading the label on the top before attaching nozzle. Pressure-wash surface by holding down spray handle, working your way back and forth from one side of the surface to the other, overlapping each stroke by approximately 7 inches. For tougher stains such as paint, hold tip roughly 4 inches from the surface, moving with slower, nearly still strokes to ensure removal.
  14. Seal Concrete (if concrete): Pour waterproof sealer into a paint pan and attach extender pole and roller. Next, starting in the middle of the area, roll waterproof sealer out from the middle to all edges of concrete with correct mix. Allow 24 hours before walking in the area.
  15. Storage: Neatly wrap hoses and store tips in the appropriate place. Put away soap and detergent in a location out of reach from children.


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