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Royce Industries provides the latest in Tunnel Car Wash Equipment innovations.

There are many types of car wash systems, one of the most common being the Tunnel Car Wash. Tunnel car wash equipment is the type of wash where the customer’s vehicle is pulled through a series of stationary wash components by the use of a conveyor. In some cases where the design does not incorporate a conveyor, the customer or a car wash attendant may idle the vehicle thru the car wash.

Tunnel car wash equipment systems come in many configurations with the most popular being Express and Full-Service. Vehicle throughput – the numbers of cars that can be washed per hour (CPH) – and capacity are greatly enhanced by the use of a conveyor tunnel system. Royce Industries Tunnel Car Wash Equipment & conveyor car wash can see averages of 40 to 120 CPH. The demographics, market area, and available land will determine the best type of tunnel equipment for a specific location. Additionally, the willingness to deal with employees will play a significant role in the model best suited for a particular owner/operator. Royce Industries works from the business model of the “Highest, Best Use” for your facility. Let the professionals at Royce help you best identify what kind of tunnel system will work best for you.

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