The Water Maze WP is a compact portable above-ground wash pad designed to capture wash water

For cleaning vehicles and mobile equipment, an above-ground wash pad is the most rugged, self-contained portable solution on the market. The Water Maze WP-914 can be installed or moved easily to position the wash pad where you need it most.
When in use, water is channeled along the sloped floor to a central drain, and on to a covered sump trough located on the outside of the pad. This unique collection system provides pre-treatment of the wash water and sludge. By connecting a wastewater treatment system, you can create a totally self-contained wash rack and recycle system.
The WP features two heavy-duty non-skid ramps hinged so the fold up vertically and out of the way of traffic. The WP offers a total containment design with removable panels low enough for you to power wash over the top from outside of the pad, yet high enough to reduce overspray.

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