tunnel car wash systems

Express Tunnel Car Wash Systems provide shorter wash times for the consumer, while providing efficiency and high volume for the business owner.

A typical Royce Industries express tunnel car wash systems location features a conveyorized tunnel package where the primary service is an exterior vehicle wash often accompanied by self-serve vacuums and vending supplies.

Usually at an express tunnel no interior cleaning services are offered by the wash staff. This type of car wash equipment relies heavily on speed, convenience, and price. These sites are normally located on high traffic, highly visible parcels of land, and often provide business owners and investors with a comfortable vehicle throughput.

While express / tunnel car wash systems car wash sites are attended, the sales process is entirely automated and handled through an entry pay station. Throughout the entire wash, customers remain in their vehicles and actually ride through the tunnel car wash systems. Approximately one third of the number of employees is needed for the express tunnel wash as compared to the full service tunnel model.

Once you decide on the Express style of tunnel car wash systems, you must then determine the equipment needed to wash the vehicle. Choose between Touch Free, Friction or Hybrid (a combination of both).

Please view our brochure from FoamBrite car wash systems and contact Royce Industries today to learn if the Express car wash system is right for you.

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