touchless car wash

Hybrid Touchless Car Wash equipment uses a combination of touchless and friction systems to clean cars efficiently.

Royce Industries’ hybrid automatic car wash equipment uses a combination of both the automatic rollover touchless car wash and the friction automatic (rollover) car wash cleaning processes. We bring these processes together to give the customer an excellent choice – a true “hybrid”.

The Select-A-Wash car wash system gives your customers their choice between a SoftGloss FoamBrite wash and a Radius high-impact touch free wash or combination of the two. You may be asking, what is the need to have both available? Generally speaking, the friction portion of the wash is most effective on large surface areas of the vehicle while the touch free portion of the wash process cleans the smaller, harder to reach areas of the vehicle and enhances the rinse. This hybrid automatic car wash equipment is truly the ultimate in car washing.

Some additional features you can expect from Royce’s vehicle cleaning systems:

• Performance Chemical Delivery System
• Split Hub Arm Design
• Aluminum Frame
• Dual Bay Plates
• Variable Wash Speed Adjustment
• Top Brush Interrupt
• Electrical Motors
• Amp Sensing Sensors
• Tall Rear Wash Arms
• Profile Ultrasonic Vehicle Mapping
• Multiple Standard Brush Color Combinations
• Flexible Programming
• IntelliSense Brush System
• Attractive Styling
• Sound Design Features
• Expanded Diagnosis
• Many more profit enhancing options available
• Long Lasting and Extremely Durable!

To learn more about hybrid car wash equipment, watch our video from Select-A-Wash or view our brochures from Select-A-Wash or ThrustPro and Slimline Dryers.

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