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Friction car wash equipment uses FoamBrite to tenderly clean vehicles without fear of damaging or scratching the vehicle.

Nothing cleans better than an “appropriate touch”, and that’s what a friction style or otherwise known as a touch car wash system provides! Royce Industries distributes car wash equipment that employs a revolutionary wash material known as FoamBrite to clean the vehicle. This 100% patented wash material is a lightweight, closed cell polymer that is virtually waterproof and designed to prevent dirt from accumulating on the brushes.

The FoamBrite wash system combines brush speed, surface pressure, wash material density and lubricity application to provide the highest quality wash. But Royce Industries’ car wash systems do not stop at just the brushes. Whether you’re choosing the SoftGloss, Trio or any other products we offer, there are several other components that make Royce friction car wash systems second to none.

• Split Hub Arm Design
• Aluminum & Stainless Steel Frame
• Dual Bay Plates
• Variable Wash Speed Adjustment
• Top Brush Interrupt
• Electrical Motors
• Large Gantry/Vehicle Opening
• Amp Sensing Sensors
• Tall Rear Wash Arms
• Profile Ultrasonic Vehicle Mapping
• Multiple Standard Brush Color Combinations
• Flexible Programming
• IntelliSense Brush System
• High Tension Tape Belt Drives
• Attractive Styling
• Sound Design Features
• Expanded Diagnosis
• No Conventional Bearings to Grease
• Extremely Durable!

Our friction car wash systems wash over one million cars per day across the United States. To learn more about these innovative car wash systems, select one of the brochures below:

FoamBrite Literature
Trio Literature
Soft Gloss Maxx Literature
ThrustPro and Slim Line Dryers

You can also learn more by watching one of our online videos:

Soft Gloss video
Trio Wash video


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