Royce Industries – Learn about our Founder Royce C. Rasmussen



Royce C. Rasumussen has always wanted to be better. Growing up in rural Utah he remembers being told that he would not amount to much and that the sooner he “learned his place” the better off he would be. Royce was 12 years old at the time and this became a motivator for him to be better than expected. Over the years he has worked at several jobs but he was primarily a truck driver. At the end of a long tiring day, Royce commented to his wife that he did not have time to clean his semi truck. His wife Julie suggested that he start a mobile truck wash service like he had talked about doing. At the time they had 6 children. After convincing his parents to loan him $4,000 so he could purchase the equipment, Royce & Son’s was born and his mobile truck wash started. Based out of his home, and employing only himself and two of his sons Calvin & Casey, Royce’s initial focus was on the mobile truck cleaning business. By recognizing the need for a company that was well versed in all aspects of the cleaning industry, the business quickly grew. His vision was to build a company dedicated to becoming a leader in the field of industrial cleaning. With a strong work ethic, and the help and support of his family, he began the journey to realize his dream.

Although many years have passed since washing that first truck, the one thing that has not changed is Royce’s intense desire to be better. Royce will tell you he is just a simple guy from rural Utah that worked hard and got lucky. His employees and friends will tell you that Royce is one of the most honest, hard working people they know. His ability to surround himself with the right people, train them and then have the insight to direct them has lead to the company’s tremendous success. He deflects credit for much of the success but his leadership, innovation and persistence has grown the company to be the largest pressure washer distributor in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

Today, Royce Industries is a recognized leader in the field of industrial cleaning equipment, car wash equipment and railroad/railcar services in the Intermountain area. With four locations and growing serving seven states, and employing over 50 people with a vast and varied base of knowledge to draw from, Royce Industries continues its commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the cleaning industry.

From its humble beginnings in 1984, to today’s position of strength in the industry, one constant remains – his commitment to providing you, his customer, with the finest products, and the highest quality service available in the marketplace today.

What sets Royce apart from the others?

Innovative Strategies

  • Added several lines of business that have all been associated with low tech, low wage businesses. Through innovation and uncompromising high standards has transformed segments of several industries to a modern business model and has helped others in his industry to be more successful and profitable.
  • Began implementing environmentally friendly practices long before it became popular or mandatory. Awarded several US Patents for environmentally friendly washing processes.
  • When the equipment he used became a maintenance nightmare, Royce became an authorized service center and began selling equipment. Now Royce Industries is one of the largest pressure washer distributors in the world.
  • Implemented computerized contact management systems and tracking systems to revolutionize the cleaning industry.
  • Has taught seminars at national association conferences to help others automate and become more profitable.
  • Has served as a Board Member on industry associations.
  • Revered as one of those responsible for much of the improvement in distribution and service that the industry has experienced.
  • Invested in training the right people. Better trained employees and higher wages than industry norms. Incentive pay for mechanics and parts people that can add up to 50% of pay if efficiency targets are met.

People Initiatives

  • Believes in participating in the personal development of his employees to be successful.
  • Has created an innovative, progressive, clean, world class company in an industry known for being dirty, smelly, uneducated and low tech.
  • Provides health and retirement benefits to his employees.
  • Progressive incentive-pay plan for employees that pays them more than the industry standard.

Comments and financial results

  • Royce Industries L.C. established 1984, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Currently employs 50+ people in 7 western states.
  • Annual sales in excess of $15 million.
  • Historically very profitable company.
  • Has grown every year since inception.
  • Recognized as an innovator in the cleaning industry.
  • Recipient of many industry awards for innovation and achievement.
  • Received numerous industry awards, lifetime achievement awards
  • Is active in supporting local service organizations, scouting and his church.
  • Very active in charitable work, doing most of it anonymously.