roll over car wash

Consider a Rollover Car Wash system from Royce Industries. A low maintenance automatic car wash equipment solution.

A Roll Over Car Wash System (often referred to as automatics or in-bay automatics), is the type of wash where the customer drives their vehicle into the wash bay and stops, the car wash equipment then proceeds to “roll over” the vehicle.

A rollover wash is primarily found in the following applications: Retail C-Store/Petroleum sites, Self-Serve/Automatic sites and Stand-Alone Automatic sites. Rollover car wash models can be touch free, friction, or hybrid – which is a combination of both touch-free and friction cleaning methods. The primary service offered with these machines is an exterior wash. Actual wash numbers are typically 10 to 15 cars per hour. Customers generally pay for their wash through an automated point of sale (automatic pay station) located at the entrance to the wash bay.

At a C-Store/Petroleum site, the customer has the option of paying at the fuel/gas pumps or inside the Convenience Store at the register. If you think a Rollover Car Wash is the application for you, let “Team Royce” make it happen. If you are in the western United States give us a call.

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