SystemOne parts washers

SystemOne parts washers and Solvent Tubs Offer a unique distillation process, recycling the solvent on demand

Gone are the days of dirty solvent that only gets recycled once a month at best; gone are the worries about hazardous waste and its impact on the environment. Royce Industries would like to introduce you to a revolutionary recycling solvent based parts washer, SystemOne parts washers, and more. With the push of a button any time of the day you can have fresh crystal clear solvent. System One solvent parts washers look like any other solvent tub, but underneath the wash basin there is a difference. It’s SystemOne parts washers patented unique distillation process where the solvent is recycled in the micro-refinery right at your site, delivering clean solvent every day, on demand, without any interruption of your work day. Because your workers are using clean solvent everyday you will notice them working more efficiently and the parts coming out much cleaner. Contact Royce Industries today. A full catalog of our parts washers.

Attractive Features:

  • Significantly Reduces Operational Costs
  • Recovers 100% of Cleaning Solvents
  • Eliminates Hazardous Solvent Waste
  • Potentially Reduces Generator Status