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Car Wash Chemical Suppliers: Truck wash soap designed to be used with Pressure Washers

Royce Industries are the car wash chemical suppliers and are your headquarters for all-purpose pressure washer detergents. We have many brands and varieties designed exclusively for use with high-pressure washers. Our all purpose detergents are formulated to protect the equipment you are cleaning as well as your pressure washer. Most of our detergents include metal corrosion inhibitors to protect the equipment you’re cleaning against flash rusting.
Our line of all purpose detergents is appropriately named because they are designed to clean in a broad range of environments. Formulas are designed to clean in a variety of applications, breaking down dirt, grime and grease in the toughest cleaning conditions.
We have our own brand of Royce detergents, as well as Hotsy and Landa. All are biodegradable, meaning they are safe to use and safe for the environment. The experts at Royce Industries are ready to help narrow your detergent choice. We have locations in Denver, Boise, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City – call today pricing and more information.
The all-purpose detergents we recommend most are:

  • Royce Power Steam
  • Hotsy Breakthrough
  • Landa L-431
  • Landa L-217
  • Landa L-215 (for water treatment)
  • Blendco Max Plus

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We have locations in: Salt Lake CityBoiseDenver and Las Vegas. Our service area also includes parts of Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.