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The Hybrid Tunnel Car Wash system combines the latest technology available – touch free and friction action to produce stunning cleaning results.

Royce’s Express Hybrid system is a tunnel car wash that combines the best of friction wash technology with touch free car washes components to guarantee an exceptionally clean vehicle. The first step in the process for hybrid washing is a presoak application with dwell time. The second step is a high pressure application common in all our touch free car washes systems. Applied combinations of Royce’s washing solutions along with high pressure water removes all heavy solids prior to entering the last step, the friction area of the wash. This step of the hybrid system gently washes the vehicle with friction and soapy water for the final cleaning process.

For investors or owners, a hybrid of touch free car washes and friction car wash tunnel systems is a sound investment. A clean vehicle is achieved with less labor costs, without losing wash quality. Plus, there are many additional benefits:

  • Maximized Overall Throughput
  • Increased Washer Rotation Speed
  • Maximized Washer Rotation Speed
  • Equipment Enhancements
  • Multi-Stage Loading
  • Customized Activation Systems
  • Site Specific Equip. Packages
  • Reclaim Ready
  • Full Electronic Integration
  • Utilizes the most advanced cleaning technology available!

Most express tunnel car washes today feature elements of the Hybrid Tunnel Car Wash System. For more information, please view our Conveyor Systems brochure, or watch our video from Rocket.


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