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Friction Express Tunnel Car Washes use specialized friction technology to soap and wash vehicles safely.

Designed specifically for the car wash professional, a friction express tunnel car wash system and car wash soap incorporates the features that all friction car washes demand for complete cleaning. Soft cloth or Foam Brite washing uses friction equipment along with soapy water to achieve a safe washing process.

Royce offers two types of friction material, Traditional Soft Cloth (EverClean) or Close Cell Foam technology (Soft-Flex or FoamBrite) to wash the vehicle. Express Friction tunnels are usually shorter in length than their Full Service counterparts with most running 50 – 90 feet in length. With many configurations available we can custom design the perfect Express Tunnel car wash for you!

The benefits of a Friction Express Tunnel Car Wash include:


  • Maximized Overall Throughput
  • Increased Washer Rotation Speed
  • Maximized Washer Rotation Speed
  • Equipment Enhancements
  • Multi-Stage Loading
  • Customized Activation Systems
  • Site Specific Equipment Packages
  • Reclaim Ready
  • Full Electronic Integration
  • Utilizes the most advanced cleaning technology available!
  • Car Wash Soap

For more information on our friction express tunnel car wash systems & car wash soap, please select our brochures and videos below:

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