top load parts washers

Top load parts washers are compact, easy to use, yet clean parts fast!

Cuda’s rugged top load parts washers are used in many industries such as automobile repair, aerospace, machining, manufacturing and more. An automatic parts washer will save you time and money, and won’t take up much room at all. In fact, the experts at Royce Industries can easily calculate just how quickly you will recoup your investment by choosing a top load automatic parts washer.

Top load parts washers offer an environmentally safe alternative to cleaning dirty parts. Used in conjunction with degreasers and specialized biodegradable detergents, a top load parts washer will quickly clean parts faster than traditional methods which involved harmful solvents. Plus, our top load parts washers are capable of handling loads of up to 500 pounds.

To learn more about our selection of top load parts washers, contact Royce Industries, with locations in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada. We’d be happy to give you a quote and discuss options to speed your cleaning. Select a model below to view more specific information.