car wash water recycling system

Detergents for a Car Wash Water Recycling System and Collection Pits

Royce carries a number of detergents for a car wash water recycling system / water reclamation systems as well as bio-media products for wash water collection pits. Environmentally friendly wash water systems treat pressure washer water run-off with these low-foaming detergents, making water safe for reuse or discharge to sewer.

Oil-water separators also benefit from these quick-releasing detergents; surfactants allow oil and grease to be removed quickly and easily. If you use a water filtration system, contact the pros at Royce Industries to learn more about the detergent products available. We carry a number of affordable products, such as the following:

  • Landa L-215
  • Landa Environ
  • Water Maze EC+Plus
  • Water Maze Enviro-Clean
  • Water Maze Enviro-Clean+Plus
  • Water Maze Enviro-Degreaser
  • Water Maze No Rust

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