Royce Industries Cleaning Equipment

Royce Industries provides cleaning equipment to many diverse industries

For the past 30 years, Royce Industries has been providing cleaning equipment solutions to many professionals in the form of pressure washers, automatic part washers and wash water treatment systems. Many types of businesses have benefited by using our high-pressure cleaning equipment. We have found the following industries benefit from using our pressure washers, parts washers and water treatment systems:


Industrial Military
Manufacturing Construction
Fleet Earthmoving
Mining Petroleum / Refinery
Agriculture Aerospace
Aircraft Railroad
Marine Automobile
Food Processing Golf
Exotic Vehicles Recreational Vehicles
Dust Control Resort / Casino
Tank Cleaning Zoo


These industries are often cleaning heavy equipment, and cleaning time is greatly shortened by using a pressure washer. Taking care of valuable equipment prolongs its life. Using a pressure washer in an industrial setting makes cleaning easy – and efficient! Adding cleaning accessories, increases efficiency!

Contact Royce Industries to learn how we have helped someone in your particular industry. With our experience and “know-how”, we can make the best recommendation for your cleaning application.