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Full Service Car Wash Equipment packages – the ultimate in customer satisfaction, cleaning vehicles inside and out.


A full service tunnel car wash pampers the customer by offering more services than typically found in a rollover car wash. A full service car wash equipment location features a conveyorized tunnel equipment package with the primary service being an exterior vehicle wash with interior cleaning services also offered. These typically include vacuuming, window cleaning and dressing services.

Full service car wash equipment & tunnel car washes are 100% attended and require the greatest number of employees to properly operate. Employees handle the loading and unloading of the customer’s vehicle after the wash package has been selected. In cases where flex serve is instituted, the customer stays in the vehicle and once the wash process is complete, the employee takes over wiping the outside of the vehicle, then onto the self serve vacuum area. Full-service tunnels are often complimented by a lobby, detailing service, quick lube and other income generating businesses, making them a sound car wash investment opportunity. These sites are normally located on a high traffic, highly visible parcels of land.

Once you decide on the Full Service style of tunnel car wash, you must then determine the equipment needed to wash the vehicle. Choose between Touch Free, Friction or Hybrid (a combination of both).

Learn more by viewing our FoamBrite brochure, or watch a video from Rocket Wash Systems. Then contact Royce Industries today to plan your full service car wash investment.

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