Royce Industries Performs Pressure Washer Tune-Ups

If you are the proud owner of a commercial pressure washer, you most likely see the wear and tear of daily use on your equipment. You can easily care for your pressure washer with simple check-ups once or per year.

Royce Industries has a full staff of technicians on the road daily, who are factory trained to service all pressure washer, parts washer and car wash brands. By scheduling a check-up, you’ll often avoid problems in the future and lengthen the life of your equipment.



A pressure washer tune-up includes many steps – among them are:

  • Check pump pressure and volume
  • Check nozzle, replace if worn
  • Adjust belt tension
  • Check pump crankcase oil and top off if required
  • Check for coil scaling
  • Check unloader adjustment
  • Inspect wire connections
  • Check thermostat for proper cycling
  • Check voltage and amp draw
  • Check oil burner or gas burner for wear or corrosion
  • Check for contaminated fuel tank & flush if required
  • Check fuel filter, clean or replace if required
  • Check engine crankcase oil and top off if required
  • Check engine spark plugs and replace if required

The frequency of pressure washer tune-ups is determined by how often you use the equipment. The Royce team is well-versed in pressure washer care, and will recommend a schedule that’s right for you.

Automatic parts washers and car washes also would be well served with scheduled tune-ups. Contact the Royce location nearest you today if you’d like to schedule a check-up for your equipment.

We have locations in: Salt Lake CityBoiseDenver and Las Vegas. Our service area also includes parts of Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.

Contact us to answer your questions about tune-ups and scheduled maintenance.