custom pressure washer

Royce Industries designs and installs custom in-plant Karcher, Landa, and Hotsy cleaning systems, which are pressure washers integrated into your workflow

Whether you need a single cleaning station or multiple cleaning stations we can fit you with a custom pressure washer, an in-plant cleaning system perfect for your application. In-plant cleaning systems can be as simple as a cold water pressure washer used throughout your facility to a more complex, centrally located hot water pressure washer with multiple wash stations and wireless remote operation technology. No matter what your needs, if you require a custom designed in-plant cleaning system Royce can accommodate it. Allow us to take a look at your needs and we guarantee you will not regret it!

In-plant cleaning systems are commonly found in applications like manufacturing, refineries, food processing, assembly, institutions, military installations, car washes, custom homes and resorts. Our custom applications sets Royce Industries apart from our competitors.

Learn what many other businesses have…you can trust Royce Industries with customized industrial cleaning. Contact us today for more information.

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We have locations in: Salt Lake CityBoiseDenver and Las Vegas. Our service area also includes parts of Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.