Royce Industries Offers Consulting & Car Wash Design Services for Construction

Royce Industries is your resource for car wash equipment and supplies. However, we provide so much more than equipment alone. Investors rely on Royce Industries designers and engineers to develop custom site plans for car wash and wash bay systems. Our consultants are in-house, working as part of our construction and design team, which provides them with first-hand knowledge of our equipment.

Royce consulting and design will completely spec out your custom project, assist with site analysis, permits, site designs, equipment ordering and installation. You won’t find a better turnkey solution anywhere! Our complete service is what sets us apart from our competitors. If you’re considering investing in a car wash, or need a wash bay system for your current business, Royce Industries would be happy to speak with you to learn your goals and get your project started with a good business plan.

You can learn more about our investment opportunities here on our website, or simply call one of our four locations in Salt Lake City, Denver, Boise or Las Vegas. Our consultants are knowledgeable about the car wash industry…put that knowledge to good use and learn why Royce is your one-stop resource for car wash design!