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Pressure Washers 101

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Pressure Washers and What You Need to Know

When it comes to cleaning the different areas of your house, the first thing that you need to consider is to find the right cleaning tool to use. Nowadays, the trend is to go for the easy and fast way. Most homeowners like to operate pressure-washing devices in removing the mold, grime, dust or dirt found in different areas of their residence. This method is also known as power washing and it uses a high-pressure water spray. Read More

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What’s so cool about the new EASY!Force Trigger?

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The new EASY!Force trigger for power wash systems introduces an effortless experience for power wash owners. A traditional power washer gun require a large amount of effort and cause sore hands after hours of use, long setup times, accidental starts and a large amount of wear over time. This innovative, comfortable and durable system creates a positive experience for every user.

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