Truck Wash Equipment & Systems

Truck Wash Systems save time and keep your fleet clean!

truck wash equipment

For those fleet operators who realize their vehicles are traveling advertisements for their company, truck wash equipment & systems are a great way to maintain the image. A dirty vehicle can send the wrong message to current or potential customers.  Additionally, a clean vehicle enhances your driver’s performance, efficiency and attitude.

Economically and environmentally, hand washing no longer makes good business sense. Labor costs are constantly rising and laws are restricting the amount of waste water run-off caused by hand washing vehicles on a lot. Royce Industries vehicle wash systems for trucks, buses, trailers and fleets address and solve both of these concerns.

Royce Industries truck wash equipment & systems can wash virtually any size vehicle in a fraction of the time and water it takes to wash it by hand. Offering a complete line of touch free drive through, friction gantry and hybrid systems Royce Industries is a one stop shop!

Whether you operate a single truck or a whole fleet let our Truck Wash Equipment & Systems professionals help you best identify the perfect system for you.

View our product literature from Ryko truck washes to learn more. We have several videos that showcase truck washes:
Storm Truck
Ryko’s R-168 Truck Wash System
Supra Truck Wash
Sprite Truck Wash

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