Car Wash Investment Opportunities

Car washes present an ideal investment opportunity for Private Investors

car wash investment

What is the typical American’s second largest investment, second only to their home? That’s right – it’s their CAR! Especially these days, people are investing more in their cars and taking better care of them.

Are you looking for a sound car wash investment, often much easier to manage than a typical start-up? Consider planning a car wash because of the following reasons:

  1. It’s a business where the only thing you need to inventory is the property – which appreciates in value!
  2. A business that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.
  3. One that does not require costly labor; where you can earn money while you sleep or even while away on a long overdue vacation.
  4. A business where will you find zero receivables where all your customers use cash or its equivalents.
  5. A business in which your customer pays for all their services before they are rendered.

There’s only one type of industry and that’s the Car Wash business! Investing in a car wash is a great way to put your money to work. You don’t have to mark seven potential sites on a map and hope for the best. You don’t even have to be lucky to be successful in the car wash business. The most important investment decision you need to make about starting a franchise car wash investment is with whom you will turn to for car wash equipment and consulting.

Once you have chosen Royce Industries as your car wash equipment supplier, you will be assisted throughout your project by our staff of fully trained professionals. We offer our expertise in the following areas:


  • Exploration of financing options
  • Referral to funding sources
  • Assistance in developing your business plan

Site Analysis

  • Aid in site selection
  • Evaluation of your chosen site

Aid in securing permits

  • Expert tips on helping you procure necessary permits

Site planning consultation

  • Building & peripheral equipment placement recommendations
  • Traffic flow & stacking information
  • Information on ways to help your facility stand out from the competition’s

Construction recommendations

  • Information on building requirements and specifications
  • Availability of sample building plans
  • Complete in house construction services are available
  • Availability of standard plumbing & electrical plans

Equipment room layout

  • Aid in proper & efficient placement of equipment

Full support before, during & after installation

  • On-going communication between you & our expert staff throughout the course of your project

Parts, Service & Supplies after the sale

  • Full parts inventory
  • Radio dispatched service technicians
  • Full inventory of chemicals & vending products

With Royce our goal is to help you generate income out of every square foot of your property. Take advantage of all the Investor Tools we have made available to you.


Locations in Salt Lake City, Boise, Denver and Las Vegas. Our territory also includes parts of Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.

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