The Cuda 2840 Series is easy to use and accommodate up to 750 pounds

Cuda 2840 Series, Royce Industries

Front load automatic parts washers by Cuda: Cuda 2840 Series is available in a number of electrical configurations. Front load automatic parts washers equipped with a 3 HP vertical seal-less pump and providing 50 GPM at 45 PSI, the 2840 Series is great alternative to cleaning parts by hand. Safe and solvent-free, the 2840 is easy to use and takes up little room on your shop floor.

A number of parts washer options are available for the Cuda 2840 series, which include filtration systems, automatic water fill, timers, parts trees and height extensions to name a few.

  • Working height 40”
  • Turntable Diameter 28”
  • 750 lbs. Load Capacity
  • 50 Gal. Sump Capacity
  • 6 kW Heater

As a certified Kärcher dealer, we are able to bring you the latest technologies for your business.

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