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Pressure Washer

Royce Industries is one of the leading distributors of cleaning equipment suitable for any type of cleaning. Royce Industries’ equipment and tools can be used in many industries including mining, construction, water treatment, automobile, military, etc. One of the leading cleaning equipment we have is the pressure washer.

By default, pressure washing (also known as power washing) is the removal of dirt, grime, mold, mud, chewing gum, etc. from buildings or surfaces using high-pressure water spray. Pressure washers have a long history. There are suggestions that they were invented in the 1950s although there is also an argument that they were invented in the late 1920s. Here at Royce Industries, we distribute some of the best brands of pressure washers. We also have different types of washers.

Pressure washers

Royce Industries stocks both commercial and industrial pressure washers. They are the best tool to use for those in the commercial and industrial sectors because they save time, labor and money. Since they rely more on pressure for cleaning, you are able to save water. We have a lot of pressure washers to suit your budget and needs. If you are not sure what you are looking for, feel free to come to us and we will gladly show you what is best for you.

We have different types of pressure washers, each one well suited for different functions and working conditions. However, the only similarity they have is their reliability and efficiency. Our four types of water pressure washers are listed below:

Hot water pressure washers – these hot water pressure washers are ideal for industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. They can produce hot water streams that have temperatures in excess of 200° The high pressure of the water combined with high heat has enough power to effectively remove dirt from any surface.


We bring you a range of hot water pressure washers to choose from. These include:

Pressure Washer

Gas powered pressure washer

They are a direct substitute for electric pressure washers. Gas powered pressure washers have more power as compared to the electrically powered ones. Their output pressure is in excess of 500 PSI, and this makes them the ideal solution for any tough industrial activity.

It is recommended to use them only in outdoor environments because they contribute negatively to the atmosphere as they emit carbon dioxide. They are mostly mounted on trailers and they come in a number of wheel kits. Our several brands you can choose from include Karcher, Hotsy, and Lander. Karcher pressure washers are among our well-known brands.


Diesel powered pressure washer

These diesel powered pressure washers are mainly used in environments where diesel is freely available or the main type of fuel. These washers are suitable for tough industrial cleaning conditions are have been used extensively in heavy construction and military.  They can easily achieve a cleaning pressure as high as 3,500 PSI at a rate of 10 gallons per minute.


Electric powered pressure water

These electric powered pressure washers are probably the most versatile pressure washer of them all. They are flexible and powerful enough to be used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning activities. They are very easy to operate and very beneficial.

They are cost effective as they can be easily connected to existing power sources such as natural gas. They work as if they are not there because of their dead silence. In a way, you can say that they reduce noise and air pollution. They are used in many industries including refinery and automobile. The brands available include Karcher, Hotsy, and more.

Pressure Washer

All electric

As the name says it all, these all electric pressure washers completely rely on electricity as their energy source. They are used in both indoor and outdoor cleaning services. They are very ‘environmentally’ friendly and clean when compared to fuel-fired washers. With these washers, you don’t expect any opens flames or exhaust fumes.

The all-electric pressure washer allows you to work for long as long as you want without any need to stop operations. This means that the machine can work continuously without any decrease in water temperature. You do not need to preheat because hot water becomes available shortly after you have turned the machine on.

They are not heavily dependent on several parts, making them the easiest choice when you want a machine that you can move around with. They are also not difficult to service and this helps to minimize maintenance fees.

They are very easy and flexible to install as they can be installed in any place that meets the standard minimum installation requirements. Some of its best-selling points include:

  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Safe and clean to use
  • One week timer
  • Auto stop-start feature

As always, the brands we have include Hotsy, Lander, and Karcher.

Pressure Washer

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold water pressure washers are known for their portability and compatibility. The combination of these factors makes them suitable for cleaning in food processing and auto detailing. They are very easy to use and are regarded as the entry level pressure washer. Those that have never operated a pressure washer before are used to start with this type. They are cost effective as they rely on cold water which does not rely on water. There are no heating costs associated with the cold water pressure washer.

Royce Industries has a wide range of cold water pressure washer machine you can choose from. Whatever your style or needs are, there is something that meets your requirements. You are free to add soaps or detergents in order to make the cleaning smoother and effective. The two types of cold water pressures are:

Gas powered

Gas powered pressure washers were primarily designed to work in conditions where there is no electricity or is impractical to use it. They were designed to deliver more power than electric powered ones. They are highly portable as they can be mounted on a wall or can be placed on carts. They allow you to vary the pressure output. You also have control over its output volume (gallons per minute).

They are mainly used in commercial and industrial cleaning activities. However, due to the high emission of carbon dioxide, the cold water pressure washer should not be used for indoor activities.

Whether you are looking for a Hotsy, Karcher, and Lander brand, Royce Industries has it in store for you.

  • Electric poweredelectric powered pressure washer can be used both for indoor and outdoor cleaning activities. There are preferred in less vigorous cleaning machines because:
  • Silent – because of the way they were made, these machines have fewer parts that allow them to work quietly without making much noise.
  • Emission less – since they are not fuel-fired, they do not emit any carbon dioxide, making them ideal for use as ‘green’ machines
  • Efficient – they don’t use a lot of power and due to their design which consists of fewer working parts, the machine has fewer energy losses and this increases its efficiency.
  • Low maintenance cost – they are easy to service since they were designed with simplicity in mind. At the end of the day, you save a lot of money as you do not need to extensively and regularly service the machine.

With Royce Industries, you are assured to find your favorite brands (Karcher, Landa, and Hotsy) in stock. One of their major selling points is the affordability. The machines are priced very low, making it possible for many people and upcoming businesses to buy it without costing an arm and a leg. You can buy the wall mounted, portable or handheld versions of the machine depending on your taste and needs. They have found a good home in several industries including food processing, kitchen, homeowner, automobile, etc. You stand to gain a lot by buying this washer.

Pressure Washer

Trailer mounted pressure washer

This trailer mounted pressure washer adds an extra layer of mobility to the cleaning industry. These machines are used in some of the most extreme locations and conditions to work in. The trailer-mounted pressure washer is the machine to use if you want to carry out a cleaning activity in a remote location and at the same time, using a huge amount of water. There are a few challenges that the pressure washer solves in this case:

  • Ability to carry a large amount of water
  • Ability to reach and perform in extreme conditions
  • Ability to clean even the toughest of outdoor stains
  • Ability to use energy efficiently

As you may have suspected, the pressure washer is mounted to a trailer. This is one of the reasons why it can function very well in very remote areas.

Royce Industries has gone an extra mile by standard features to the washer that includes chrome wheels, powder coat, tread plate steel decking, and electric brakes. Some of the several options you can choose from in order to customize your washer are:

  • Generator
  • Machine cover
  • Tool Box
  • Chemical Rack
  • Anti-freeze system
  • Air compressor
  • Water recovery
  • Square tire
  • Advertising graphics
  • Custom design (you make a design drawing of your desired output machine and we take it upon ourselves to design and build it for you.
  • Extractor
  • Media Hopper
  • Floodlight
  • Ladder Rack
  • Buffer
  • Low jack

In-plant custom pressure washer

This in plant custom pressure washer is one of the best pressure washers you can find. If you find yourself at a pressure washer sale, be sure to pick this one. This type of pressure washer can be thought of as a combination of different pressure washers connected together to form one uniform washer.

You can have a single washer or can choose to several washers fitted together in a perfect ecosystem that meets the requirements of your cleaning activities. This system is commonly utilized in car washes, food processing, manufacturing, and military installations. Royce Industries is experienced in learning about your needs and designing a solution that works well for you.

Pressure Washer Accessories

There are several pressure washer accessories you can find around. You can find some of them at a pressure washer sale. However, you can also get a free first aid kit at Royce Industries if you buy pressure washer from us. This is an accessory you need on your side in case something happens.


What size pressure washer do I need?

Many people, especially first time buyers, are faced with this dilemma when they want to buy a power washer. There are many factors that determine the size and type of pressure washer you need to buy. The first factor you need to consider is your budget and how much money you can afford.

The second important factor is the task at hand. If you want to work in a remote and tough location, there are some machines that are designed for that. The energy source is another factor you need to consider when purchasing a pressure washer. If you are going to use your pressure washer in an area where there is no electricity, you need to stick with a gas pressure washer.

For those who want to work in areas where diesel is plenty or cheaply available, you can buy a diesel powered power washer.


Power pressure machines are important machines in industrial and commercial cleaning. In a world in which there are so many companies selling these, you need to find a company that will put your needs first. The company must be well experienced in the industry and have a proven track record in designing and stocking quality washers.

Royce Industries has been in the industry for quite a long time. We know all about pressure washers. We stock a lot of a variety of brands that include Karcher, Landa, and Hotsy. The Hotsy pressure washer is one of the most popular machines on the market. We are here to help get the best of you money whilst you enjoy your cleaning activities.