Self Serve Pet Wash | These pet washes are a revenue generating feature for car washes

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Royce Industries introduces the Self Serve Pet Wash! Beat your competition to this exciting new way to generate income at your car wash. The dreaded days of washing your pet are gone! No more bathroom messes, no more wet carpet, no more pet hair clogging your drain. And the best part is pets love the spa like treatment.

This Self Serve Pet wash will allow you to serve a whole new base of customers and will aid in driving more money to your bottom line. Royce’s self serve pet washes offer:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy Access Ramp
  • Waist High Wash Tub
  • Non-Slip Rubber Matt
    • Ramp & Tub
  • Stainless Steel Meter Box
    • Accepts; coin, bills and credit cards
  • Multiple Grooming Options
  • Digital Countdown Timer
  • Shampoo Dispensing System
  • Professional Grooming Dryer
  • Disinfectant Cycle (for cleanup)
  • Safety Tie-Down Ring

Let one of our wash pros help you identify if your car wash could benefit from the income generated by a self serve pet wash.


Wash Your Pet Easily and Quickly

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