Car Wash Vending Machines

Royce supplies an assortment of Vending Supplies and Options for car wash facilities

car wash vending machines

Royce Industries and our team of specialists can help you maximize every square foot of your car wash property. One of the many ways we can accomplish this is through Car Wash Vending machines, fixtures and islands.

Car Wash Vending Machines require minimal amounts of space but can maximize your profits. Car Wash Vending machines offer a variety of car care products such as car fresheners, window cleaners, tire dressing, leather conditioner and towels. It doesn’t stop there – vending machines can also cater to your customer’s impulse buying by offering them candy, food and cold beverages.

Royce vending machines can accept all forms of payment including debit and credit cards. In addition to the actual vending machines, Royce Industries also offers a full line of vending products and security enhancements.

For more information on our many car wash vending services, please contact any one of our Car Wash experts in Denver, Salt Lake, Boise or Las Vegas.


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