Self Serve Car Wash Equipment

Royce Industries provides Self Serve car wash equipment designed to meet your needs.

self serve car wash equipment

Self serve car wash equipment and systems to attract the “do-it-yourself” customers who prefer or enjoy washing their own vehicle. These locations offer a myriad of car washing options and experiences. The primary service of a self-serve car wash system is a manual exterior wash. These sites are often outfitted with one or more automatics (rollover equipment) and a variety of additional self-serve offerings such as vacuums, shampooing, vending, pet washes and much more. Self-serve washes are mostly unattended and can be found on secondary roads among high density residential areas. Instrumental to selecting your self-serve car wash location will be Royce’s site survey.

Royce Industries self serve car wash equipment and systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of the self serve car wash operator. All of Royce’s systems encompass proven technology, providing you with value and peace-of-mind.

Making sure your customers receive a clean vehicle is your top priority, and you are Royce’s top priority. Our full range of self-service car wash equipment gives you the confidence the job will be done right the first time. Building a dependable, affordable and profitable self serve car wash site is easy when you work with Royce Industries.


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